Solstice is in a few days, winter is upon us, the year is ending. Here's a poem in honour of death, emptiness and letting go.
  Oh, the city has gone mad. And I’m not referring to the riots that took place last week. That was last week’s madness. This is this week.
  On what Schopenhauer and nurse logs have to say about a life lived in service of the whole.
An internet classic--a 50s style PSA on how to survive zombies. 
    Is apathy our fault? Maybe not... (video)
  Should we or should we not sell our subway stations to corporate sponsors? You know the right answer.
The city of Vancouver is often refered to as 'No Fun City'. While there is indeed lots of fun to be had here, there is also a sort of broad truth to the lable. Mostly, I think, it's because we are so insecure and afraid of ourselves that we rarely spend much time together as a city. This is changing.
  Linking, networking, remixing: Gen-Y is stepping-up to take care of business. And we'll all benefit.
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