I'm a driver, I'm a winner...things are going to change I can feel it...
  Are you new to Beams and Struts? If so, welcome! And here are links to a variety of our best loved and most read articles.
  It takes a hell of a lot of courage to bring your full self forward. But that's what we really need from each other, especially now. How can you be more 'you'?  
  For the next two weeks, Beams and Struts will redeem our favorite lost in the shuffle posts from the last year. 
  Introducing…Sacred Sundays.  A new series by Chela Davison.  
  We move into the places we know we must and wake to what is begging to be seen.
  This past Saturday Beams contributors Trevor and Sarah married.  A poem in their honour, a blessing for their union.
  Did the project to 'modernise' the world's great cities hinder or enable new forms of democracy?
Get a perfect life with five easy payments of $19.99! It's time to get real about what it takes to change.  
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