Which type is Jeff Bridges? Which type is his character in Tron? My guess for both: Seven, the Enthusiast. 
What does the recent Spider-Man reboot (ten years after the first film) reveal about the human spirit?
Superheroes used to kill people, and the audience cheered. This doesn't happen so much anymore. 
    In Alberta, the hobbits are creating Mordor instead of destroying it.
  What do mutants have to teach us about the creation of humanity community? 
  What does the movie Fubar and Girls Gone Wild raunch culture have to do with the evolving cosmos? As it turns out, a lot.
Slavoj Zizek (via Hegel) on zombies and why we need to be zombie-like in order to be free. 
  These three forms of entertainment all hit you at the mythic level of development.
The legendary outlaw comic Bill Hicks- who both Radiohead and Tool dedicated albums to- is the subject of a new documentary. Watch the rousing trailer for that film, and another piece of live Hicks comedy to boot.
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