Star Wars is about George Lucas. He used to be Luke Skywalker. Now he's Darth Vader. 
  Why does the hero need to be pushed to the point of near defeat for the victory to mean so much?  
  A look at what music has to say about biology & machines.
    Watching a terrible movie in solitude is excruciating. Watching it in a full theatre is a hoot. Why? 
    Some works of art lay everything out for you. Some acknowledge the audience, and pull them out of their chairs, into the arena.
How much do we love The Wizard of Oz as a culture? Here's how much. 
What Bruce Wayne has to teach us about the shadow--embracing your inner fears. 
Many cities have a locally owned and operated movie theatre that appeals with character, history and individuality. Vancouver's got the Rio. And you could help save it.
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