Great story, excellent directing, and strong postmodern elements.
  An interview with filmmaker Xan Aranda about her music documentary Andrew Bird: Fever Year.
  A shorter version of my essay Women Vs. Women, exploring how in the lives of women, the leading roles are played by other women.  
  Is Superman a bold, larger-than-life world-changing superhero, or a self-seeking, inwardly focused anti-hero? Well, it all depends on your worldview. 
  A look at the latest offering from the great metal documentary filmmaker Sam Dunn.
There's plenty of inventive, original, worthwhile theatre inspired by the Christmas season. 
  What exactly is the calling, where is it emanating from, and why are we so attracted to it?
    A look at Chicago based musician Andrew Bird: violinist, guitarist, singer, whistler, loop pedal magician and subject of the new concert documentary Andrew Bird: Fever Year.
  As video stores disappear, so too does a small part of city life.
      This is a brief whooping up for Terence Malick's movie The Tree of Life. It left me smitten. Dazed. Wondrous.
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