Sixes question authority, look for guidance, play in established musical styles and defend the underdog.
    At their best, musical Sevens infect their audiences with a joy so full and pure that it touches on the divine.
  Enneagram Personality Type Three is the Performer, the Achiever, the Catch, the Best. Exemplified in this case with Madonna and William Shatner.
    The Enneagram's personality Type Two is the Helper, the Giver, the Special Friend. Here's what they look like in action. In the world of music.
Enneagram Nines come into this world at one with a certain aspect of Being, and then separate from it. 
      The Enneagram charts nine personality types in the human race, but it also has profound spiritual ramifications, as Sandra Maitri explores in her book on the subject.
Their music often reveals their love of physical pleasure, intensity, and control of their own lives. 
A brief summary of the Holy Idea connected with the Devil's Advocate personality type, as described by Sandra Maitri. 
  What's your Shiny Red Nose? Your unique thorn? What part of you is actually a gift, contrary to public opinion?
Paraphrased from Sandra Maitri's book The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram.
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