A look at a pair of frequent characters in contemporary life.
  Arj Barker cleanses cruelty from the kingdom of his shower.  Hilarious.
  Bill Maher rips into Muslim fundamentalists and hypocritical Christians.
  I was raised pretty strongly Catholic, but the venture was ultimately doomed because of the music. Is that how these people feel about God?
    Context isn't everything - but it's certainly something. For example, the stand-up comedy of Brian Regan...
  Socrates, corporate responsibility and a little endorsement of pedophilia for good measure, Russell Brand is a cosmic, comedic paradox.
  This Fourth of July, celebrate the essence of America with a profanity laced self-parody of the US.
  Demetri Martin on goofing through law school. Part comedy, part stand up philosophy.
  The Jbox tonight features a 4 decade retrospective of the work of a singular comedic and musical genius:  Weird Al Yankovic.  
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