Will post-postmodern culture bring with it an entirely new sense of time?  Or will our species run out of time?  What should be our relationship to this most fundamental reality?  Perhaps Jean Gebser would offer us some clues.
An exploration of shadow work as a spiritual practice according to Thomas Hübl.  
  Integral Coaching™ rocks worlds and then transforms them + a little plug for an upcoming Vancouver event.
  The stages of relating to an iconic figure in history while he lives, moves, has his being in the world. Especially one you love.  
Olen Gunnlaugson, Bruce Sanguin, and Thomas Hubl trialog on the nature of future and collective inquiry.
    Take a tour through the works of integral scholar and historian, Bill Thompson, as he spins a whole-picture view of myth, mysticism and evolution.
An interview with Thomas Hübl on shadow work within the context of evolutionary spiritualty. 
  An adventurous, multi-media exclamation on the fluctuations of life, Dostoevsky, and why you should be on Facebook.
Marshall McLuhan illuminates the return of the tribe and the evolution of mind through media. (video)
Is the return of the repressed simply regression or is it something much more?  
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