A reflection on Thomas Hübl's teaching on hearing the call of the future and embodying our highest potentials. 
  Indian food, tea, beer, Awakening, and the Creative Future--all in one night.  A Beams & Struts eyewitness report.  
  A priest rants about his hatred of this supposedly holly jolly season.
Jesus of Nazareth, master shaman and guide for our contemporary world.  
An exploration of shadow work as a spiritual practice according to Thomas Hübl.  
  The stages of relating to an iconic figure in history while he lives, moves, has his being in the world. Especially one you love.  
Olen Gunnlaugson, Bruce Sanguin, and Thomas Hubl trialog on the nature of future and collective inquiry.
  We know about the power of now, but what about the power of the future?
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