Take a tour through the works of integral scholar and historian, Bill Thompson, as he spins a whole-picture view of myth, mysticism and evolution.
An interview with Thomas Hübl on shadow work within the context of evolutionary spiritualty. 
How does the spirituality described in the mega-best-seller stack up to similar experiences Ken Wilber writes about?
  On pain, its healing, and its transformative importance for men. Analysis and first person reflection.  
An interview with Darrin Drda, author of The Four Global Truths. 
What the religion of Jediism has to teach us about spiritual awakening. 
Are vertical notions like development and progress helpful when applied to cultures? 
On relating to and as the body rather getting into it.  
  Can anyone who claims to be intelligent also be religious today?  What might be a process-based view of reality offer to religion and science in our contemporary world?  
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