What turns you on? How do you know? Is that really your flavour or is your sexuality rented out to cultural conditioning?
  With another Halloween approaching, it's a safe bet we'll see yet another cultural outbreak of the Halloween Whore.   
This is obvious and known to everyone who's watched the show, isn't it?
A look back at 80s music videos reveals a gay culture that was far more out than many seemed to recognize at the time, despite widespread homophobia. A short stroll through the last thirty years of music and culture reveals a rapidly changing cultural relationship to homosexuality.  
On analysing myself for an unconscious prejudice that leaves 50% of the population out of the picture.
From his book From Wild Man to Wise Man: Reflections on Male Spirituality
  Toronto photographer David Morris presents a montage of photos of this year's GBLT Pride Parade, one of the biggest cultural events in the city. 
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