Fives are perceptive, cerebral and secretive. In music, they're often innovative, hugely original and have a love of technology and unusual instruments.
Why do we do other things while we eat? And what effect does this have on us?
How much do we love The Wizard of Oz as a culture? Here's how much. 
      Sixes question authority, look for guidance, play in established musical styles and defend the underdog.
A perhaps little known fact is that Phil Collins is a kind of sampled godfather in the rap game.  The Jukebox tonight features the godfatherly influence of Phil Collins on the world of hip hop. Click the read more and crank that s#@!.
Bob Dylan turns 70, and a series of famous musicians weigh in on his achievements.
Neuroscientist and author Daniel J Levitin answers this question. 
This is a first in a new series of podcasts, exploring the ignored and underestimated.  
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