At their best, musical Sevens infect their audiences with a joy so full and pure that it touches on the divine.
  July 1st was Canada Day. Many people painted red maple leaves on their faces and sang O Canada: a dreadful, outdated, whiny piece of music.
  Enneagram Personality Type Three is the Performer, the Achiever, the Catch, the Best. Exemplified in this case with Madonna and William Shatner.
    The Enneagram's personality Type Two is the Helper, the Giver, the Special Friend. Here's what they look like in action. In the world of music.
  An interview with filmmaker Xan Aranda about her music documentary Andrew Bird: Fever Year.
A story of what happens to rock and rockers when there's no meat on the bone.
  A collage-tastic look at one of the most important and contested topics of our time.
With songs by Local Natives, the Dodos, Calexico, Patrick Watson and Metric. 
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