A look at Chicago based musician Andrew Bird: violinist, guitarist, singer, whistler, loop pedal magician and subject of the new concert documentary Andrew Bird: Fever Year.
As the rainy season begins in Vancouver, songs about the rain. 
Guest writer Bruce Sanguin explores how Lucinda Williams' music incites the impulse to evolve and live with passion.
Facebook friends weigh in on where to start with these two great artists.
    A live look at great musical artists who died at the age of 27.
  Songs from artists various Beams readers listed as being underrated.
    What were people listening to then? Will you recognize the songs or the artists?
A solo a capella rendition of a traditional song that would make a convention of devils weep. 
Despite drone attacks, book burnings, and a corrupt poltical class, the United States of America still has much to offer the world. Tonight, I present two examples of the goodness that can still find be found in the land of milk and honey.
A meditation on the crossroads and the leap of faith.
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