A music head churns up the new wave compost pile and unearths some lost gems for your listening pleasure.
  The Jbox tonight features a 4 decade retrospective of the work of a singular comedic and musical genius:  Weird Al Yankovic.  
  I've digitized my CDs, and now have all my music in one place. Random shuffle brought up these twelve tracks.
    I had day recently full of elements that didn't exist ten or even five years ago. Here's what happened.
  If you’re looking for a badass party trick, it shouldn’t take you too long to figure out how to do this right? Yeah Right.
  Louis CK on the nature of God as a s#@!ty girlfriend. 
  In honour of the Occupy Wall Street protests that began today, a selection of politically conscious hip-hop.  
  In solidarity with the Occupy Wall St. protests this week's Jukebox looks at different forms of revolutionary music.  
  Elmores James drops by to play the greatest slide guitar ever and sing us the blues.
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