Dr. Gabor Mate, interviewed on Democracy Now, discusses the Global Commission on Drug Policy's recent conclusion that the US led War on Drugs has been a failure, and will continue to fail. 
  Stephane Hessel urges the youth of the world to stand up and yell.
  David Marshall joins the Beams family by shedding light on an issue that's sorely in need of more attention.
  This Fourth of July, celebrate the essence of America with a profanity laced self-parody of the US.
  What is going on with the Chinese Communist Party?  
After a long and insignificant debt battle, we should begin to ask ourselves if the current version of the American government is sustainable.
  What do Bruce Springsteen, Rage Against the Machine and Nickelback have in common. Hint- it has something to do with John Steinbeck.
  It seems as though riots might have underlying causes...not just yobs and hooligans.
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