Chris Hedges lays it down at the Occupy Wall Street Protests in NYC.  
In his article on Egypt Jeremy heralded the birth of a planetary culture. In this TED talk, the courageous French street artist JR seems to display just such a planetary outlook, revealing an underlying universal humanity in some of the most dangerous, poor and forgotten human communities on Earth. And in his TED Prize wish, he asks us to take an active part in his global art project. Inspiring stuff.
  Do Christian leaders have any social relevance anymore?  Find out as a bunch of us (myself included) sign a petition to stop Vancouver becoming a Canadian Vegas.    
This past July 2nd a rather interesting meeting of minds took place in London between Wikileaks editor-in-cheif Julian Assange and the philosopher Slavoj Zizek. (video)
  A battle wages over the legality of Insite, North America's only safe, supervised injection site, located in Vancouver's Downtown East Side. Friday, Sept 30th, the BC Supreme Court will deliver its verdict.
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