Kahlil Ashanti is a writer and performer. In this interview he talks about who would be on his Mt. Rushmore: Richard Pryor, Don Knotts, Eminem, and various formative experiences and friendships.
What does the recent Spider-Man reboot (ten years after the first film) reveal about the human spirit?
  In short: collaborators, language, sex, violence, poetry, adapters, prolific, Central England, underappreciated.
C.R. Avery is a musician, spoken word artist, beat boxer, poet and much else. His Mt. Rushmore includes Tennessee Williams, Patti Smith, Sam Shepard, the blues and hip hop.
    If you had a personal Mt. Rushmore, who or what would be on it? Why those things? And do those things say about you?
  Why does the hero need to be pushed to the point of near defeat for the victory to mean so much?  
    Some works of art lay everything out for you. Some acknowledge the audience, and pull them out of their chairs, into the arena.
How much do we love The Wizard of Oz as a culture? Here's how much. 
Many cities have a locally owned and operated movie theatre that appeals with character, history and individuality. Vancouver's got the Rio. And you could help save it.
  Every theatre company in North America trots out a tired yuletide play at this time of year with one goal in mind: fleece the rubes!
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