Chela Davison

Chela Davison

I am a Certified Integral Coach™ living in Vancouver. My passion for human development is borderline obsessive. My calling is aptly expressed when working with others around their deepest ache and that which matters most. I am interested in community, in bringing people together to share in and support each other around both the ordinariness and profundity of life’s journey.

I am a mother of a gorgeous little boy for whom my most precious energy and best work is reserved. The rest of what I’ve got is up for grabs, come and get some at In terms of writing here at Beams and Struts, I’m most interested in exploring what it takes to consciously evolve individually and collectively and I revel in challenging our confounding culture. I really dig writing and love it here, being part of this family is an honour.

Saturday, 22 October 2011 20:07

You are the traffic

  I'm a driver, I'm a winner...things are going to change I can feel it...
    There certainly is something facinating about the inside of a cadaver...
Saturday, 08 October 2011 19:57

Shortcuts to Transformation: Dream On

Get a perfect life with five easy payments of $19.99! It's time to get real about what it takes to change.  
Saturday, 01 October 2011 13:37

Emotional Literacy for Boys: Raising Cain

  Are boys less emotional than girls? You know the answer…don’t you? A brief look at a great book that supports emotional literacy in male children, attempting to counteract the often damaging effect our culture can have on the emotional lives of boys.
Sunday, 18 September 2011 16:22

Anger and expanding the human experience

  Is anger destructive or constructive? Does it lead to constriction and closure or can it expand and clarify? Here's Robert Masters on Healthily experiencing and expressing anger.
Sunday, 11 September 2011 15:53

Laughter and Your Hot Body

Love yourself, your body and laugh till every last bit of that beautiful body of yours hurts.
Why aren't there any women listed as core contributers on this site? What's with the sausage fest? I thought this was an integral inquiry, not a dinkquiry. What gives?
Sunday, 04 September 2011 15:33

Show Me The Way Out

    A devotional poem by Mahadeviyakka, a great female Shaiva Saint of South India.  
Sunday, 28 August 2011 17:05

The Insatiable

  In a world vying for our attention and selling inadequacy at every turn, how do we guard against the insatiable desire to consume or to simply change our state moment by moment?  
Monday, 22 August 2011 04:21

Gettin' down with discomfort

  It's amazing the things we will do to avoid being the least bit uncomfortable. A look at comfort orientation as a form of laziness.
Sunday, 14 August 2011 17:42

Scared Shitless

  This Sacred Sunday is dedicated to that old guest who consistently overstays his welcome: Fear
Tuesday, 09 August 2011 00:42

Consciously Creating Community

What deeply matters? A look at how we can build community to support our individual and collective growth.
Sunday, 07 August 2011 03:05

Russell Brand and Divine Vulgarity

  Socrates, corporate responsibility and a little endorsement of pedophilia for good measure, Russell Brand is a cosmic, comedic paradox.
Monday, 01 August 2011 00:05

Will You Be My Friend

  A beautiful and inspiring poem, taking us through a spiral of development.
Saturday, 16 July 2011 19:51

Garden Worship In Service of Our Food

  Many of us here are working to connect with our food and the Earth in a more Sacred and meaningful way. May we be in service seed by seed.
Monday, 11 July 2011 19:48


  This past Saturday Beams contributors Trevor and Sarah married.  A poem in their honour, a blessing for their union.
Sunday, 03 July 2011 16:19

But We Are Not Prisoners

Today we're gettin' Sacred with Rainer Maria Rilke. 
  On the sacred art and suffering of doing your life's work.
These days it's not so uncommon to celebrate your friend's upcoming nuptials by dressing her like a giant penis, parading her through town and relentlessly attempting to humiliate her...we're trying something else.  
  Alright, so this is less of a Sacred reading and more of whine and moan…but an important one.
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