Chela Davison

Chela Davison

I am a Certified Integral Coach™ living in Vancouver. My passion for human development is borderline obsessive. My calling is aptly expressed when working with others around their deepest ache and that which matters most. I am interested in community, in bringing people together to share in and support each other around both the ordinariness and profundity of life’s journey.

I am a mother of a gorgeous little boy for whom my most precious energy and best work is reserved. The rest of what I’ve got is up for grabs, come and get some at In terms of writing here at Beams and Struts, I’m most interested in exploring what it takes to consciously evolve individually and collectively and I revel in challenging our confounding culture. I really dig writing and love it here, being part of this family is an honour.

Sunday, 22 May 2011 21:03

Sacred Sundays

  Introducing…Sacred Sundays.  A new series by Chela Davison.  
  Me, Jesus and a whole lotta holy oil. A non-Christian's exploration of the transformative potentials at the heart of  Christian teachings.
A look at our culture's current relationship to beauty and some of the impulses that may be driving us towards greater extremes to meet ideals. This article aims to challenge and question how we as a culture engage with these issues, attemping to bring humour and depth to the very vast topic of beauty.
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