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Jeff Bellsey

Jeff Bellsey

Jeff studied at EnlightenNext. Actually, first it was at MIT, then on a kibbutz in Israel, and finally on stage in the clubs of New York. Once he realized that the challenges of the spiritual life were far preferable to the blue-pill life of chemical companies and a two-car garage, he moved to western Massachusetts. Joining EnlightenNext as Webmaster, not only because he liked the title, he was part of a team that won two Webby awards.  He left in 2010, after twelve years, for the warmer shores of California. He lives in the Bay Area where he is active in the creation of a conscious and highly effective community of global doers.  Jeff works for a finance company building a new economy.

What happens when you fill a room with some of the very best scientists, philosophers, sociologists, and mystics to have them ask the collective question, What does it mean to be human? Jeff Bellsey reports from the Being Human 2012 conference.
Wednesday, 05 October 2011 01:33

Identity-Formation and Finding Your Purpose

  Identity formation, life purpose--how do we approach them? And what's up with name tags anyway?  

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