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Saskia Tait

Saskia Tait

Saskia Tait is Co-Founder and Executive Director of the New Earth Institute, a non-profit research and education organization that offers integral education programs for youth and adults in Canada. She is also Media Arts Director for Windhorse Farm in Nova Scotia. She is presently completing a Ph.D. in Education at Simon Fraser University, with a focus on the application of integral theory and contemplative practice in different educational contexts. She has an MA in international development and a BA in international development and South Asian religion. She is a published author, applying integral models and approaches to a variety of topics including education, sustainable development, and community development. Over the last several years, she has been joyfully dedicated to her own evolutionary spiritual journey, as well as to supporting others through educational programs of the New Earth Institute. She also teaches psychology and philosophy of yoga for World Conscious Yoga Family teacher training programs in India.
Sunday, 13 November 2011 07:52

The Full Side of Awakening

  Turning towards our demons. Awakening to the fullness of each messy moment. A meditation with Catherine of Siena.  

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