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Tineke de Boer

Tineke de Boer

Based in the Netherlands, I work on project basis for the municipality
of the city of Amsterdam. Main field of work: trying to understand and
influence human behavior in the spatial confines of the city. I love
finding out how people perceive the world and feel a deep urge to
discover how to see & live life without any preconception myself. This
urge led me to study Human Geography and then turn to spirituality, as
real spiritual warriors dare to let go of all their ideas to be able
to see all as it is. Very happy to share my passion about culture &
sprituality with you and honored to be able to contribute to the fine
site of Beams & Struts!
Sunday, 21 October 2012 20:10

It Takes a Village...Including You

A non-parent's look at our collective responsibility in parenting. 
Wednesday, 04 January 2012 22:13

Living Under Water

  How do geography and landscape impact our cultural psyche? Tineke de Boer reports from below sea level, with a uniqely Dutch perspective.

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