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Alessandra Sagredo

Alessandra Sagredo

Alessandra Sagredo has been been called a multi dimensional healer, a spiritual X Factor and an ancient Teacher and Soul Visionary; but when asked she says she feels like merely a lover, daughter, mama, girlfriend who happens to relish a direct channel to my ancient selves, Divine Diva & Feminine Magick gifts.

Although the love of Conscious Living and Intuition and Life Magick have always played a powerful role for her, she was not always found working within this realm. She began in the corporate world after receiving her business degree and rapidly climbing the proverbial success ladder. However, a combination of synchronicity and amazing (outspoken) people along her path led her to bring her love for life and spiritual living  from a personal “experience” to the professional realm.

Today, she is living her passion through her work  from writing articles for magazines such as Om Yoga & Lifestyle, Sedona Journal & Synergy Magazine, guiding incredible powerful people around the globe through the Spiritual Hedonist program while also providing private sessions, getaways, retreats, workshops and at home programs.  She also can be found as a professor with En*Theos Academy for Optimal Living, a regular columnist on Spiritual Hedonism for Here Women Talk and an Expert Contributor with Conscious Divas.

  What turns you on? How do you know? Is that really your flavour or is your sexuality rented out to cultural conditioning?

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