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Eugene Pustoshkin

Eugene Pustoshkin

Eugene lives in St. Petersburg, the second largest city of Russia. He earned his diploma of specialist in Clinical Psychology at St. Petersburg State University. In 2008-2010 he completed training in Holoscendence, an approach of pragmatic application of integral psychology developed by Sergey Kupriyanov, MD (Helsinki, Finland). Eugene maintains private practice in psychotherapy and offers strategic advise to organizations. He is an expert in integral development at Gordon Foundation (, and is a co-founder of Altstates.Net, an international non-profit academic web portal on academic studies of altered states of consciousness. He is the Integral Leadership Review’s Associate Editor and Bureau Chief for Russia ( His major areas of interest include integral and transpersonal approaches to existence and creativity. He also explores potentials of online social networking for enriching human life.
  An adventurous, multi-media exclamation on the fluctuations of life, Dostoevsky, and why you should be on Facebook.
  Eugene Pustoshkin makes his Beams debut via St. Petersburg with a call for a new kind of gonzo journalism.

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