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David Forbes

David Forbes

David Forbes teaches School Counseling at Brooklyn College/CUNY and tries to get his students and CUNY Contemplative colleagues to think integrally, demand the whole shmear. He wrote Boyz 2 Buddhas: Counseling Urban High School Male Athletes in the Zone (New York: Peter Lang, 2004) about his work doing meditation with a Brooklyn high school football team and is writing a book on integral school counseling. A boomer fighting gravity, he realizes that everything now is wabi sabi. As a New Yorker David meditates on brooding, broods on meditation, and meditates while brooding: he's a Broodhist. Just don't tell him to have a nice day and he will.

Saturday, 30 June 2012 15:50

Occupy Mindfulness

A critical look at the use of mindfulness practices in military, business, and education circles.

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