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Deb Thompson

Deb Thompson

I am a clinical psychologist and Certified Integral Coach (TM) living in Kingston. I am the mothership of three almost launched children who astound, chuff, humble, vex and delight me in ways I never could have imagined. In my work, I love serving people through language, especially witnessing, beholding and helping name unspoken
experiences, and through practices that root new ways of being into enduring embodiment -- I really get a kick out of contributing to people's liberation into their freer and fuller lives, rippling out into all their circles. You can check me out at I also teach indoor cycling fitness classes three times a week, which lets me indulge my music addiction and holler folks fit, all while keeping myself frisky into my impending fifties. Reading and writing round out my life with receiving and offering evocative and provocative words for our marvelous and mysterious human condition. 

Saturday, 03 November 2012 21:13

Beholding My Children Becoming

A tender poem I wrote in the wake of my adaptation as a mother to divorce, noticing how I had been beholdingĀ them growing up, out and away -- beautifully -- all along.

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