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T. Collins Logan

T. Collins Logan

T.Collins Logan is a practicing mystic and creator of the Integral Lifework system of transformative practice. He has been a patient advocate, author, instructor, counselor and practitioner of alternative healing arts for over a decade. He is a lifelong student of diverse faith traditions, and incorporates spiritual methods and insight into all of his work. A San Diego, California resident since 2002, T.Collins is an avid hiker, photographer, cook, carpenter and explorer of new ideas.

His most recent publication, Being Well, is an introductory guide to Integral Lifework's twelve dimensions of being. An assemblage of his other books, essays and poetry can be found at and Some of this favorite photographs are also collected at

Sunday, 18 November 2012 02:56

A Mystic's Call to Action

A look at the Integral Lifework frame to deepen and mature spiritual practice. 

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