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Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy is a writer of short stories and essays, a blogger, rogue academic and new media scholar. He received his MA from Goddard in Consciousness Studies and a BA from Fordham in Sociology. Interested in the interstices of myth, media and religious experience, his writing attempts to outline the direction of our planetary, interconnected age.

His intellectual heroes include Jean Gebser, William Irwin Thompson, Henry Corbin and Carl Jung. Literary muses include Virginia Woolf, Kim Stanley Robinson, Philip K. Dick, and Daniel Quinn. Still more, his spiritual influences include Sri Aurobindo, William Blake and Zen.

Check out his collaborative blog project, Evolutionary Landscapes, "chronicling the evolution of consciousness," and his personal blog site.
Is the return of the repressed simply regression or is it something much more?  
Thursday, 19 January 2012 02:38

Cyborgs, Dubstep, and Human Evolution

  A look at what music has to say about biology & machines.
    Take a tour through the works of integral scholar and historian, Bill Thompson, as he spins a whole-picture view of myth, mysticism and evolution.
  Jeremy Johnson returns to Beams and Struts with a meditation on what's possible in the eye of a storm.
Wednesday, 13 April 2011 01:10

The World is a Global Village

Marshall McLuhan illuminates the return of the tribe and the evolution of mind through media. (video)
Will post-postmodern culture bring with it an entirely new sense of time?  Or will our species run out of time?  What should be our relationship to this most fundamental reality?  Perhaps Jean Gebser would offer us some clues.

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