Our culture trumpets certain personality traits and discourages others. But are those standards absolute or relative? How would our society look if we accepted the rightness of there being essential differences between our various points of view? At the same time, it would bond us to know how strongly similar…
What do we mean by the term evolution?  What do scientists mean by the term?  What do integral thinkers?  A highly articulate and deeply philosophical look at this most important issue.
Who are the heroes killing these days? How has this changed since the 80s? 
A comparison of the teachings of Marc Gafni and Andrew Cohen on the question of personality (or lack thereof) in the spiritual lif
A look at MetaIntegral, a new project launching later this week, and how patterns in nature can give us clues for designing organizations.  
A reflection on Thomas Hübl's teaching on hearing the call of the future and embodying our highest potentials. 
One congregations expression of an evolving Christian faith.  
  Indian food, tea, beer, Awakening, and the Creative Future--all in one night.  A Beams & Struts eyewitness report.  

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