If women ruled the world there'd be no more wars. Just kidding.  
  What prevents real social change from occuring in the US context? Is there any way to achieve genuine transformation in America, and if so what's the key to such lasting change?
A look at the intersection of Naomi Klein's book The Shock Doctrine and integral theory. 
"In the end, the degree of our transcendence is determined by the scope of our inclusion." That's how Steve McIntosh ends our conversation about enacting and practicing a post-postmodern politics. But what does he mean and what does such a politics look like? In an in-depth exchange on the topic, Steve and I try to flesh those questions out.
Ongoing events in the Middle East are significant, on this we can all agree. But of what significance are they? Jeremy Johnson holds this moment as one of planetary awakening, the birth pangs of a global culture.
  Lost in Space, The Final Frontier of Osama bin Laden, and human choice.   
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