How cocaine, crystal meth, nicotine and caffeine affect dopamine activity. 

Scientist Rupert Sheldrake investigates if there's anything to that feeling that someone's looking at you, or dogs seeming to know when there owners are coming home.

Ever wonder why your fingers and toes "wrinkle" after being in water for a while? Here's an answer that is more intellectually satisfying than, "Just 'cuz."

A look at the BBC Documentary Playing God on the new field of synthetic biology and its spiritual and social implications. 

Think the effects of climate change are something we'll feel in the future?

the earth, from space



For life - much less human life - to have emerged on Earth, a number of unlikely factors had to be in place. 

the moon



Poetry and mystery and romance associated with that round glowing rock in the sky.

Ladies Room sign



The physiology of the need, not the psychology.

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