At the Apple store you actually do see names of all ethnicities, as well as tattoos, lobe-expanding ear-rings and hats. 
A look at the interplay of Modernity and Postmodernism in a major Canadian city. 
An evolution is underway, bringing new ways to engage audiences. 
    Mark Meer is an Edmonton based actor, writer and improvisor. His totems are Jim Henson, John Cleese, Alan Moore, Doctor Doom, and Tom Waits.
  Living in the information age has most of us doing mental juggling routines as a matter of course. Can we handle it? Are we getting more distracted and fragmented? Or is this good exercise for us? Have we long had an underfed capacity for complexity that’s only now being regularly fertilized?    
        Kahlil Ashanti turned his painful childhood experiences into a one man show. He leads at risk youths in workshops that show them how to do the same thing with their lives.    
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