Bruce Sanguin

Bruce Sanguin

Bruce grew up in Winnipeg and spent his teens and early twenties as a jock. He graduated from the University of Winnipeg without, as far as he can remember, having read a book. Except one, by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on Transcendental Meditation.  This woke him up to vocation that transcended, (yet included – of course), the dream of dunking the b-ball and playing professional tennis.  TM gave way to born again Christianity, to liberal Christianity, to the total loss of conviction (they are connected), to evolutionary Christian mysticism and the blessed return of something beyond/within context and perspective. He spends most of his time trying to figure out how to put the breaks on the evolutionary impulse.

Bruce has been an ordained minister in the United Church of Canada for 25 years (currently at CMUC in Vancouver) and is a clinical member of the American Association of Marriage and Family therapy. He’s Ann’s husband (24 years and counting), a father to Sarah, an actress and musician in LA, grandfather to four, and author of four books —

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A personal story of the clash between spiritual dreams and lived reality. 
Tuesday, 15 May 2012 20:19

What is Evolutionary Christianity?

One congregations expression of an evolving Christian faith.  
Sunday, 12 February 2012 00:44

I Want to Be Jason Bourne

A look at Jason Bourne as a metaphor for the contepmorary male condition. 
Tuesday, 06 December 2011 03:39

Leadership Lessons from Billy Beane

  WWBBD? What Would Billy Beane Do? An examination of lessons in leadership from baseball.  
Wednesday, 21 September 2011 21:55

God as the Future

  We know about the power of now, but what about the power of the future?
Saturday, 09 July 2011 18:16

Lucinda and the Evolutionary Impulse

Guest writer Bruce Sanguin explores how Lucinda Williams' music incites the impulse to evolve and live with passion.
Sunday, 12 June 2011 22:53

Five Dancers and a Football Player

  For Sacred Sundays today we have a poem about evolution's dance.
  What happens when we realize that Jesus is kin with starfields, our solar system, the Earth’s biosystems and all creatures — how will that impact our mission to repair the Earth?

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