Mothering on Purpose Part II

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[Editor's Intro Chris]:

Miriam Martineau is the Vice President of Next Step Integral. She is the author of an epic piece on an integral approaching to parenting. She created and facilitates a course on integral parenting, which begins again November 19, and is a great friend of ours at Beams. Srs. Miriam and Chela recently recorded a wide-ranging dialogue on the topic of the spiritual practice of mothering, for our parenting-themed month.

In Part I, Miriam and Chela began an exploration of this important subject, looking at the overarching themes of the discussion. They discussed the role of mothering in relation to vocation, career, calling, and the tricky dance of career and mothering.

In Part II, they share more practical ways of enacting the principles outlined in Part I. 

To listen to the interview, please click the link below. I recommend listening on earbuds/earphones. There is a slight difference in volume and sound quality between Miriam and Chela's voices.

Miriam and Chela Part II

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