Totem Figures Interview with Kahlil Ashanti

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Kahlil Ashanti, shaking an audience member's handKahlil Ashanti is a Vancouver based writer and performer. He toured the world for four years with the US Air Force entertainment corps, did a one man magic show in Las Vegas, he’s done stand-up comedy, acted in films, and now is enjoying massive success with his solo show Basic Training. In his interview Kahlil talks about Richard Pryor, Eminem, Don Knotts and various formative experiences and friendships. 

Play Kahlil Ashanti Totem Figures Podcast

To find out more about Kahlil check out his website, his blog (giving business advice to performers) and a promotional video about his show Basic Training

Also, watch these videos of Richard Pryor, Eminem and Don Knotts.

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