Totem Figures Interview with Ivan E Coyote

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ivan e coyoteIvan E Coyote writes and performs spoken word, tells stories, releases CDs, she’s got a novel and ten years’ worth of columns in Xtra newspapers. Her totems include Bill Cosby, Barbara Gowdy, Sherman Alexie, Tom Spanbauer, Rufus Wainwright, Veda Hille and Laurie Anderson. Check out her website for performances and available material.

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To look further into Ivan's totems, check out these youtube clips:

A song by Veda Hille

One of Bill Cosby's most loved stand-up routines

Sherman Alexie speaking at a literary conference

Rufus Wainwright, playing a song

Laurie Anderson, interviewed on Night Talk

Barbara Gowdy, discussing the content of some of her books

Tom Spanbauer talks about "dangerous writing"

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