Our culture trumpets certain personality traits and discourages others. But are those standards absolute or relative? How would our society look if we accepted the rightness of there being essential differences between our various points of view? At the same time, it would bond us to know how strongly similar so many of us are.  
    Enneagram Fours are feeling based, sad, different, determined to forge a unique and authentic personal identity. 
        What does it mean to actually "think"? How often do we do it?
Barbara Ehrenreich's book Brightsided analyzes America's obsession with success and positivity. This coincides with the Enneagram personality system's type Three: the Achiever. So what happens when one type's values dominate a culture?
  Take a great big drink of righteousness with two songs that bring to life the Enneagram personality system's type One: the Reformer. 
Which type is Jeff Bridges? Which type is his character in Tron? My guess for both: Seven, the Enthusiast. 
  What function do they serve? Sandra Maitri offers answers in her book The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram.
    Fives are perceptive, cerebral and secretive. In music, they're often innovative, hugely original and have a love of technology and unusual instruments.
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