What deeply matters? A look at how we can build community to support our individual and collective growth.
  What do mutants have to teach us about the creation of humanity community? 
  Br. Trevor's first field update from The Next Step Integral Commuity Seminar.
  A Temporary Autonomous Zone opens up in Colorado this summer with the second Integral Community Seminar.  
When we move through our daily lives in the city, we are moving through more than simply the physical space we occupy. Our neighbourhoods are filled with people, with a lot of people, most of whom are not known to us.
  Trevor's third installment from the Next Step Integral Community Seminar.  
  Trevor checks in from the Next Step Integral Community gathering with his second installment.
  If you're in BC come meet some visiting Salvadorans. They're touring and speaking about the connection between resiliance, community development, and spiritual practice.
  Trevor's fourth and final journal from the Next Step Integral Community seminar.  
Next week Br. Trevor will be checking in from the Next Step Integral Community Seminar, covering the event. 
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