A look at the latest viral internet video and how it manages to upend some of the dominant myths of modern life.

Feed a machine a credit card, get a bike. Anywhere south of Bloor. 

The hairstyles and clothes of 2002 don't look dated like 80s fashions do, but this sure does. 

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NPR's All Songs Considered website is a treasure trove for audiophiles.



William Irwin Thompson on turning our electronic technologies into cathedrals of light. 


What does the coming battle over the latest piece of US legislation to police the internet, CISPA, tell us about the SOPA victory?






Do you have a blog you've been neglecting? It's probably happening to you.


Maybe the Beatles were right that love is all we need. A simple message of love from one Israeli to Iranians has kicked off an interesting end-run of people over governments.

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