An evolution is underway, bringing new ways to engage audiences. 

A look at the interplay of Modernity and Postmodernism in a major Canadian city. 

How much do we love The Wizard of Oz as a culture? Here's how much. 

What does the recent Spider-Man reboot (ten years after the first film) reveal about the human spirit?

Alan Moore


In short: collaborators, language, sex, violence, poetry, adapters, prolific, Central England, underappreciated.

Scrooge in a stage production of A Christmas carol


The arguments presented in Fuck Christmas Theatre are absolutist, naive and terribly flawed. I’m cracking my knuckles in anticipation of knocking them into oblivion.

christmas carol parody


Every theatre company in North America trots out a tired yuletide play at this time of year with one goal in mind: fleece the rubes!

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